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Immigrating to the U.S. is no walk in the park. Recent policies implemented by the current administration have made it increasingly difficult to obtain immigration benefits for your loved ones.  Whether it be for your husband, wife, fiancée or other family member, with the Law Offices of Lemuel A. Carlos PLLC you’ll have a talented and experienced immigration attorney by your side to help you clarify the complex legalities involved.  Our office specializes in the following:

·Marriage-Based Immigration:  If you have found your soul mate and they happen to be from a foreign country, let us help you navigate the immigration system to allow your loved one to stay in the U.S. or to immigrate from overseas.

·Fiancée Visas:  If you’ve met the love of your life while overseas, let us help you to bring them over here to start your life together.  Remember, if you’ve met online, the law requires that you have met in person during the past two years prior to filing your fiancée visa petition.

·Violence Against Women Act (VAWA):  Unlike the name implies, this Act can benefit both men and women.  If you have been the victim of physical, emotional, psychological or economic abuse by your US citizen spouse, you do not have to continue to live in fear.  We can help you process your immigration case on a strictly confidential basis.

·  LBGT Immigration:  Our office is experienced and sensitive to the unique issues that surround the gay, lesbian and transgendered community.  We will accompany you through every step of the way to ensure the highest chance of success.

·Removal of Conditions:  For many immigrants who have undergone either the Adjustment of Status process or were petitioned from overseas and are now beneficiaries of a green card, if they had not been married for more than two years prior to obtaining their green card, they will have to file the Form I-751 with the required evidence to remove the conditions of their green card and obtain a permanent green card good for ten years.  You may not skip this step and failure to file may result in termination of your lawful permanent resident status.

·Citizenship/Naturalization:  If you have been in the US as a Lawful Permanent Resident for 5 years and have no criminal or other disqualifying issues (3 years if you acquired your green card through marriage to a US citizen and you are still married), we will assist you every step of the way and prepare you for the civics test as well as accompany you to the final interview.


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