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One of the sad realities of immigration is that once in a while, a person petitioned by a US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident will fall victim to abuse by their US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident Petitioner. This abuse can take the form of physical and sexual abuse to emotional, psychological and financial abuse and exploitation. And despite the name of the program, VAWA applies to both men and women and to same-sex marriages as well.

Our office has extensive experience in handling the most difficult of cases and have been successful in obtaining immigrant status for all of our clients who have been the victims of genuine abuse by their US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident petitioner.

The entire process is confidential and the petitioner does not ever have to know that you are filing for VAWA benefits.

Schedule your consultation at our Scottsdale, Arizona office as soon as possible and let us help you out of this dangerous and difficult situation.

Benefit from our experience and deep understanding of the ins and outs of VAWA.

We know you want you to be able to live and work in the United States legally and without fear. Our staff works diligently for our clients in Scottsdale, AZ who are struggling with immigration issues and who have been victims of abuse. Let our law office assist you with your VAWA immigration case. Call 480-355-4245 today to speak with one of our attorneys or staff. We speak English, Tagalog (Filipino), Spanish, French and Italian

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